Anju Kakkar

Anju is a forward-thinking, mature and much experienced professional, possessing drive, ambition and an expressionist mindset. Her career spans 25+ years, cultivating skills and inculcating creative thinking and a humane approach to workplace culture. Strong work ethics led her to work in several roles, from the banking sector, reporting to a diplomatic office and finally, to a creative playground, performing as the copy editor of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, editorial consultant to the publisher and coaching young contributors.

Flexible with strong team-working skills, able to work individually or as part of a group. Anju was involved in various tasks in areas such as content writing, resource planning and juggling multiple projects. Having excellent organizational and people skills gained through all-round administrative experience, built over interaction with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic peers, Anju is a creativepreneur working towards completing her book of poetry and work of fiction. She has been successfully able to redefine her goals through design thinking and planning techniques and is a continuous student in the philosophy of life.

Desiring to give back to society and contribute to the betterment of the community as a whole, Anju volunteers her time and English language teaching skills targeting newcomers to Canada encouraging an inclusive learning environment, through the Parsec Youth Network, GTA ON as well as CCI-LEX, Edmonton AB.