Nikki is President of the award-winning Marketing and PR agency Lamb Creative Group, a photographer, speaker, and youth mentor. She recently launched Black Sheep Academy, an online business that offers resources to help creative executives transition from the 9-5 grind to designing a life and business they love.
Over the past 15 years, Nikki has worked with brands that include Fisherman’s Friend, Smithsonian Channel, Global TV, E!, Showcase, Hunt’s, Cottage Life, Travel+Escape, Tilda Legendary Rice and Yves Veggie Cuisine. Through her work in the entertainment industry, she has had the opportunity to work with A-list celebrities, Rock Stars, Celebrity Chefs, Authors, Royalty, Politicians, Astronauts, On-Air Personalities and Sports Stars. She’s conducted press tours from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, executed a PR campaign that saw a Guinness Book World Record for longest-TV viewing, and danced an A-list actor all the way to the red carpet to make his photo call.