The Certified Marketer Designation (CEM®)

Certified Marketing (CEM®) is CIMMO’s entry-level designation. The CEM® designation is awarded to marketers who have recently graduated with a Degree or a Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing from a CIMMO-accredited Higher Education institution. The CEM® designation is recommended for marketing professionals at the entry level that may be joining the workforce in contributing roles for the marketing department or as sole practitioners. Professionals at this level would have responsibilities such as supporting and executing marketing tasks at the tactical and transactional levels. They often have titles such as Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Clerk.

Requirements for the CEM® Designation

  • CIMMO’s Young Professional membership is in good standing
  • Have completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree or a Post-Grad certificate in Marketing.
  • Have graduated from an accredited Higher Education Institution
  • Successful completion of the required courses through the CIMMO continuing education stream and successful completion of the CIMMO comprehensive exam.

Requirements for maintaining the CEM® Designation

  • Maintain that CIMMO membership is in good standing.
  • Meet the ongoing  CIMMO continuing Professional Development requirement
  • Abide by the CIMMO code of ethics.