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Power up your career with CIMMO membership. Exclusive content, events, and resources await.


Boost your career with us

The marketing professional has become increasingly varied and with different skills and competencies. This movement of constant evolution and expansion is constant, which creates an increasing need to define a common standard of professional competence. CIMMO provides a unified approach to training and curriculum development in marketing. Join us!

Whether you’re just starting a career in marketing or are a professional marketer who would like to expand your knowledge, it’s time to join the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario.

Meet like-minded individuals through our networks, and expand your marketing skills through CIMMO’s professional development and online resources. Expand your marketing knowledge and network by becoming a member of CIMMO.

You can take advantage of our insightful and exclusive content, attent our networking and knowledge-sharing events, and top-up your skills with our wide range of training courses. As a member of CIMMO, you will gain recognition as skilled, current, and actively engaged professional marketer

CIMMO qualifications

Empower your journey

CIMMO is a self-regulated qualifications provider with credentials delivered online and through a qualified international network of accredited higher education institutions, enabling learning in a way that suits learning style, lifestyle and geographic localization.

Comprehensive modules

Each module is based on CIMMO's s Foundation of Knowledge Tramework, designea to neip marketers meet Increasing demanas at every stage in their careers.

Blockchain-certified badges

Each qualification leads to an certificate. All CIMMO certificates are blockchain-certified in the form of digital badges, allowing recipients to share their achievements through social medial


We help you thrive

How can CIMMO membership elevate your marketing career?


Join a global community of like-minded professional marketers that are eager to share their best practices and contribute to making a better world through marketing.


Deepen your knowledge into the marketing profession, through one of our certification programs in Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology, Marketing Management, and Marketing Analytics.


Share your knowledge and build professional bridges through CIMMO's networking events, seminars, webinars, social media, and conferences.


Advance your marketing career by developing your soft and technical skills in marketing through CIMMO's professional development program.

Our community

A vibrant community

Our members have found success and recognition in their marketing careers. Join our thriving community and advance your marketing journey with us.

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Active members

Join our supportive community of over 2500 marketing professionals across Ontario.

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Skills courses

Out knowledge Hub boasts an extensive collection of over 4000 meticulously curated courses.

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Designations offered

Over 120+ members holds our esteemed designations, a mark of recognized excellence in the field.

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Certified professionals

Over160 CIMMO members have achieved certification through our programs, boosting their careers.

Membership options

Choose a plan

Choose the plan that best suits you and join our community today. *Prices in CAD.



For undergraduate students of a regular marketing diploma or degree across Canada



For marketing individuals and faculty enrolled in a doctoral program. Limited to 5 years.

Young Professional


For professionals graduated
less than 3 years from the undergraduate study.



For working professionals with 3+ years of experience in any area of the marketing field.


Ready to join us?

Transform your institution’s marketing landscape with CIMMO’s comprehensive resources and thriving professional network. Join us today to amplify your marketing strategies and drive impactful growth.

Institutional membership

Annually renewed, contact us for more information


What we offer

CIMMO membership grants exclusive access and discounts on our premium benefits that help elevate your marketing career.

CIMMO Academy

Sharpen your skills with more than 4000 curated skill-building courses designed to build both your hard and soft skills within the marketing discipline.


Send a solid signal to peers and employers that you have the professional qualifications on current core marketing knowledge and principles.


Pursue a specialty in one of the critical, emerging areas of marketing: digital marketing, marketing technologies, management, and analytics.

Skills short courses

Develop core marketing competencies and achieve professional goals through self-paced online courses that you can complete at your convenience.

MBA programs

Gain skills and competencies to become effective marketing professionals through flexible and self-directed online CIMMO-Ducere MBA programs.

Bachelor programs

Develop the essential skills to excel as an emerging marketing professional with CIMMO- Ducere's flexible and self-directed online Bachelor programs.

Women's leadership

Elevate your leadership skills with Wise & Rise, empowering women in senior management and business ownership through impactful sessions and personalized coaching

Volunteer opportunities

Empower your passion for marketing by joining our volunteer network. Contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that shape the marketing landscape.

Embark on your marketing journey

Join the only Chartered Marketing Institute in Ontario today!

Join us

Join CIMMO and unleash your marketing potential with us.



Student membership

Free (expires after 1 year)

Academic membership

$150.00 per year

Young professional membership

$175.00 per year

Professional membership

$290.00 per year

Institutional membership

$3,500.00 per year


Free (expires after 1 year)

CIMMO continuing education

CIMMO academy

Events and seminars

Designations and credentials


$150 per year

CIMMO continuing education

CIMMO academy

Events and seminars

Designations and credentials

Young Professional

$170 per year

CIMMO continuing education

CIMMO academy

Events and seminars

Designations and credentials


$290 per year

CIMMO continuing education

CIMMO academy

Events and seminars

Designations and credentials


$35,00 per year

CIMMO continuing education

CIMMO academy

Events and seminars

Designations and credentials


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