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Powered by Harvard Business Publishing, this module features updated descriptions of global brand valuation methodologies and rankings of worldwide brands.  The “Brands and Brand Equity” module reviews the fundamental concepts and theories in branding and introduces key concepts, issues, and terminology related to creating, nurturing, managing, leveraging, and defending strong brands. Students will learn the many components that make up a brand, the value that brands provide for consumers and firms, how firms create brand equity, and the key decisions and challenges that brand managers face across the life cycle of a brand. This module combines theory and practice by summarizing and integrating ideas and models in branding research and illustrating them with examples from diverse industries, including the success and failure of well-known brands.

Finally, the Reading includes two videos covering specific aspects of branding: achieving resonance in branding and brand personality.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you can:

  1. Explain the crucial role of branding in an organization’s success.
  2. Describe how organizations create strong, positive brands.
  3. Understand the various ways brand strength is measured.
  4. Explore how organizations can leverage and defend strong brands.
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