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This “Business-to-Business Marketing” module provides a comprehensive review of the fundamental concepts and theories related to aspects of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. B2B marketing refers to exchanges of goods and services between institutions rather than to individuals or end consumers. Powered by Harvard Business Education Materials, this module features new examples from cases following B2B companies as they launch new products, refine their product offerings, and redefine target markets, expanding the coverage to topics such as personas and OBCs, the impact of the internet on B2B sales structure and marketing deliverables, and communication strategies specific to B2B marketing.

Compared to business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers, B2B marketers face distinct challenges rooted in the nature and needs of customers’ buying criteria, purchasing processes, and strategic considerations. This module also discusses five core elements of B2B marketing: 1. Links between business-to-business marketing and business strategy. 2. The impact of market and account selection. 3. The complexity of buyer behaviour. 4. The need to understand and communicate buyer benefits. 5. The importance of organizational alignment.

The module includes an Interactive Illustration, “The Benefit Stack and the Decision-Maker Stack,” which analyzes the motivations (often competing) of the many decision-makers involved in a B2B purchase.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this module, you can:
  1. Explain why in many B2B firms, the strategic choices may be inseparable from marketing choices.
  2. Describe the goal of B2B market selection as matching the value delivered by a firm’s core capabilities with the benefits sought by end users.
  3. Describe how B2 multiple individuals make B buying decisions with different perspectives, motivations, and structural/procedural constraints.
  4. Explain how in B2B markets, benefits-real and perceived-determine value and price.
  5. Convey the importance of synchronizing product, sales, and service units as co-creators of customer value.
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