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This course aims to help marketers develop an understanding of the influence consumer behavior has on marketing activities. The course discusses the psychological, social, and cultural concepts influencing the marketing decision-making process. The topics of the course discuss the importance of consumer behaviour and research shedding light on internal influences, such as motivation and involvement, personality, self-image, lifestyle, perception, learning, attitude formation, change, and communications. The course analyses external influences such as culture, subculture, social class, reference groups and family,  the diffusion of innovation, and consumer decision-making.

Skills and Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to understand, explain and apply the key concepts related to the impact of consumer behaviour on marketing strategy. The course will help you to understand how as a marketer you can use your knowledge of consumer behaviour concepts to develop better marketing programs and strategies to influence behaviour.. From a marketing communication standpoint, you will be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns, and promotions to influence the behaviour of consumers. The course will prepare you for analyzing trends in consumer behaviour and apply them to the marketing of an actual product or service.

Important Information

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Course Drop and Refund Policies

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