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This course is part of the 13 modules of CIMMO’s Marketing Certification program core curriculum courses covering fundamental concepts, theories, and frameworks in marketing. This continuing education module builds on exploring key concepts in creating a customer-focused marketing strategy, from setting an initial strategy to implementation. This course uses a case study to form the basis for discussing the 5Cs. Additional content around a basic framework for thinking through the key decisions in the marketing process and learning best-practice approaches and models is woven throughout the reading. This course aims at introducing the framework for marketing strategy: how a business creates and retains a customer and the growing importance of making customers active ambassadors for its brands. The course provides a good understanding of the 5Cs analysis for developing a marketing strategy (customer, company, collaborators, competitors, and context). It then discusses two sets of decisions every organization needs to make: the Aspiration Decision (what the company hopes to achieve in the market) and the Action Plan Decision (or “marketing mix” of the 4Ps-product, promotion, placement, and price). Finally, it considers the different actions required for customer acquisition vs. customer retention.

Learning Objectives
  1. To illustrate how various familiar marketing elements, like segmentation, targeting, positioning, the 5Cs, and the 4Ps, function and complement each other in a successful marketing strategy.
  2. To exhibit the sequence of marketing activities and decisions that form a marketing strategy.
  3. To show how the strategies that best promote customer acquisition may not be those that are best suited for customer retention.
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The module will be available for 120 days.