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Powered by Harvard Business Publishing materials, this course provides the basic knowledge a marketer needs to choose the right research methods and the best way to present research findings to stakeholders, reflecting on how market research is conducted, including the impact of technology on research methods and how organizations are building marketing programs that go beyond the collection of data points to achieve more significant business insights. Examples highlighting various secondary and primary research methods and techniques have been incorporated throughout the reading.  Furthermore, this course illustrates how effective decision-making hinges on marketing intelligence, a deep and informed understanding of the relations with the customer, the marketing environment, and the company’s offerings. As per instructional materials, this course contains links to Interactive Illustrations: three on interpreting conjoint analysis results, one on perceptual mapping, and one on A/B testing. The course also links three videos covering topics including market research at P&G, field research, and survey design.

Learning Objectives

by the end of this course you can:

  1. Review the best ways to capitalize on techniques most effectively gather marketing intelligence.
  2. Understand a typical five-step market research process.
  3. Learn the best research methods used to gather various types of primary and secondary data.
  4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of all market research techniques and when best to employ them.
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