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In today’s marketplace where every business is looking for a larger market share, and in an economy where the customer is disputed by global competitors through the Internet, a fundamental question that demands immediate attention is how do sales representatives pitch the features and benefits of the products/services they sell? This certification provides you, with the skills to increase sales by learning how to ask better questions, gain loyal repeat customers, understand common body language, overcom common sales objections, find referral opportunities, and grow the business with professionalism, enthusiasm, and more. The focus is on “relationship” and “need-satisfaction” selling in a business-to-business environment. Through experiential exercises, practical applications and discussions, students develop, deliver and evaluate a wide range of selling methods and presentations. The course is ideal for people in business who want to enhance their selling skills, people new to a sales role, and salespeople at any level who do not have formal training in sales.

Skills and Competencies

This Sales Certification course helps sharpen the skills of entry-level, and experienced sales representatives by enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and expand the business. The course provides the fundamental skills, tools, and processes of professional selling. A company’s sales force is the frontline for revenue generation and growth, so it’s imperative that your sales team is effective, efficient and can find sales opportunities and close sales no matter what industry is served.

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