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Powered by Harvard Business Publishing, this module introduces (1) the importance of sales force design in implementing organizational strategy and (2) the role of sales force management in linking structures and processes to behaviours. The material combines theoretical perspectives with real-world examples drawn from the business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and nonprofit sectors to illustrate the range of challenges and opportunities in this field.

The module includes an interactive illustration enabling readers to test varying levels and combinations of fixed and variable compensation components. Three videos address the topics of (1) aligning strategy and sales, (2) engaging employees, and (3) using customer feedback metrics in evaluation systems.

Learning Objectives
  1. To explain why and how sales force objectives, strategy, structure, and size must be aligned with the organization’s strategy.
  2. Discuss selling as a boundary role and compare the six categories of salespeople.
  3. To explain sales management as a multi-dimensional, iterative process requiring the integration of recruitment, selection, compensation, training, and evaluation.
  4. To introduce key compensation trends and issues.
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