The Chartered Professional Marketer Designation (CPM®)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario CPM® designation is aimed to help marketing professionals to prove to industry stakeholders, academia and governments that they have the professional qualifications, certified by a qualified and legally designated body of knowledge, on current core marketing knowledge and principles. Having the CIMMO CPM® designation sends a solid signal to peers and employers about dedication and commitment to a lifelong learning cycle and to stay ahead in the marketing field, upholding the highest professional standards, principles and ethics in the province of Ontario.

The purpose of the CPM® designation is to identify marketers with the required knowledge and competencies that lead to professional excellence. This designation enables a unifying language between marketers, employers, clients, and educators.

This designation framework reflects the professional’s core skills and competencies, as identified by an examination of the entire industry. The designation offered by CIMMO includes elements that have a local application (for example, regulations, best practices, and local industry).

The CPM® designation is a general designation that identifies competency in the marketing field. Once a CPM® designation is awarded, members can pursue a specialty in one of the essential critical, emerging functional areas of marketing: Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technologies, and Marketing Analytics.

The CPM® Designation Steps

  • Membership in good standing
  • Submit application
  • Prepare for the exam
  • Take the exam
  • Keep the standing

The CPM® Designation Process

The CIMMO CPM® is intended to measure the knowledge and application of the skills needed for professional practice. The CIMMO CPM® program is open ONLY to CIMMO’s  Professional members.

Any marketing professional can earn the CIMMO CPM® designation by satisfying the following criteria:

  1. be CIMMO’s professional member in good standing
  2. adherence to CIMMO’s code of ethics
  3. university or college degree
  4. professional experience,
  5. passing the CPM® designation

CPM® Renewal Requirments

The CIMMO CPM® designation indicates that you have met strict criteria established by the CIMMO’s Registrar. Benefits of the designation include:

  • Heightens your marketability and provides differentiation from others engaged in professional marketing services
  • Demonstrates your commitment to staying abreast of the latest marketing knowledge and practices
  • ndicates that you operate under the highest professional standards
  • Allows you to use the CIMMO CPM® designation and logo for public recognition of your professional achievement
  • Serves as a benchmark of your career accomplishments and as a roadmap for professional development.

To maintain your CIMMO CPM® designation, you are required to pursue ongoing marketing education and growth and to recertify every three years.

You must complete 100 (no more than 40 annually) continuing education units every three years (each unit represents one physical hour of the activity or otherwise noted). These hours may be accumulated in many ways, including attending seminars, writing articles and participating in other activities that contribute to your professional growth. Please download the manual on how to keep continuing education records here.