Marketing Analytics Certification

Marketing analytics is increasingly important in determining the success of marketing and sales strategies and is a relevant decision-making tool for a company’s spending and ROI. Marketing analytical skills are a requirement for entry-level positions in marketing. CPM Marketing Analyst is aimed to explore the best approaches and practices to marketing measurement and analysis. Through this certification process, CIMMO intends to measure concepts, apply analytics tools and techniques to real-world marketing problems, and understand analytics-based marketing to drive ROI and marketing campaigns.

How Does it Work?

  • Review the skills you need to know to pass the CIMMO CPM® Marketing Analytics Certification exam
  • Evaluate your current skills with our free practice exam. All users must log in or register to access the CIMMO Center for Certification to take our free practice exam. This test will help you know where your knowledge is up-to-date and areas you need help improving.
  • How you prepare for the certification is up to you. But we recommend following the CIMMO Learning Path.
  • Take the exam. This online multiple-choice test will take about two hours to complete. The cost is $300 for CIMMO members and $400 for non-members. Answer 80% of the questions right, and you’re a CPM®, Marketing Analyst. If you don’t pass the first time, no worries. You get a total of three attempts to pass the certification exam.

Skill Outcomes?

  • Learn the power and methodology behind marketing analytics
  • Identify market trends and metrics to measure marketing success
  • Understand price and promotion analytics to maximize their overall impact on your business
  • Competitive analysis and market segmentation to analyze and structure industries and markets to transform your marketing efforts from vague, generic attempts to laser-guided precision
  • Products, distribution, and sales to identify channels to best engage with your chosen markets