Marketing Technologies Certification

According to Harvard Business Review, marketers have reported rapid and significant ROI from adopting marketing technologies tools. Louis Godema, the author of the article, suggested that most marketers had difficulty convincing upper management to make the up-front investment. He recommended a Marketing Technology Starter Kit with seven programs that every company’s marketing team should have access to, at a minimum, to grow leads, opportunities, and revenue. In this sense, and to provide marketers with the skills and knowledge to support their decision-making for the best marketing technologies, CIMMO is offering the CPM Marketing Technologies Certification.

How Does it Work?

  • Review the skills you need to know to pass the CIMMO CPM® Marketing Technologies Certification exam
  • Evaluate your current skills with our free practice exam
  • All users must log in or register to access the CIMMO Center for Certification to take our free practice exam
  • This test will help you know where your knowledge is up to date and which areas you need help improving
  • How you prepare for the certification is up to you. However, we recommend following the CIMMO Learning Path
  • Take the exam. This online multiple-choice test will take about two hours to complete. The cost is $300 for CIMMO members and $400 for non-members. Answer 80% of the questions right, and you’re a CPM®, Marketing Technologies.
  • If you don’t pass the first time, no worries. You get a total of three attempts to pass the certification exam.

Skills Outcomes

These are the topics and technologies that the certification exam will cover:

  1. Analytics Technologies.
  2. Marketing Automation Technologies.
  3. Conversion Optimization.
  4. Email Marketing Technologies.
  5. Search Engine Technologies.
  6. Remarketing Technologies.
  7. Mobile Marketing Technologies.