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Membership Benefits

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Whether you’re just starting a career in marketing or are a professional marketer who would like to expand your knowledge, it’s time to join the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario. Meet like-minded individuals through our networks, and expand your marketing skills through CIMMO’s professional development and online resources. Expand your marketing knowledge and network by becoming a member of CIMMO. You can take advantage of our insightful and exclusive content, attend our networking and knowledge-sharing events, and top up your skills with our wide range of training courses. As a member of CIMMO, you will gain recognition as a skilled, current and actively-engaged professional marketer.

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Credentials and Professional Designations

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CIMMO is a self-regulated qualifications provider with credentials delivered online and through a qualified international network of accredited higher education institutions, enabling learning in a way that suits learning style, lifestyle and geographic localization. CIMMO’s modules of knowledge and individual courses can help candidates for membership achieve all the needed qualifications to compete in a dynamic marketplace.

Each module is based on CIMMO’s s Foundation of Knowledge framework, designed to help marketers meet increasing demands at every stage in their careers.

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Certificates and Badges

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Certificates and Badges

Each qualification leads to an individual certificate. All CIMMO certificates are blockchain-certified in the form of digital badges allowing recipients to share their achievements through social media.

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