The Registered Marketer Certification (REM®)

The Registered Marketer (REM®) is an entry-level certification from CIMMO. Whether you’re a college graduate from a diploma program, working in a marketing function without a recognized credential, or an internationally-trained marketer wanting to work in Canada, CIMMO’s REM®  certification provides the applied marketing skills necessary to enhance career prospects. The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario has designed the REM® for individuals aspiring to elevate their marketing skills to an intermediate level. Earning the REM® certificate gives you the advanced technical skills demanded by employers in Ontario and Canada and is a cornerstone of a promising and rewarding career in marketing.

REM® certification would provide you with professional possibilities:

  • Qualify for intermediate-level positions within marketing teams.
  • Work in any sector, whether business, not-for-profit, government or at marketing or advertising firms.
  • Use your skills in an industry you’re passionate about, whether (for example) you are interested in sports, entertainment, education, technology or travel.

Requirements for the REM® Certification

  • CIMMO membership in good standing
  • Have completed at least a diploma level education in marketing in Canada or abroad
  • Have graduated from an accredited Higher Education Institution
  • For internationally educated professionals, credentials equivalency is required through WES
  • Successful completion of the required courses through the CIMMO continuing education stream and successful completion of the CIMMO comprehensive exam.
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Requirements for maintaining the REM® Certificate

  • CIMMO membership is in good standing.
  • Meet the ongoing  CIMMO continuing Professional Development requirement
  • Abide by the CIMMO code of ethics.
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Is the REM® the right choice for me?

Yes it is if:

  • You have studied for a minimum of one year at a recognized post-secondary institution (i.e. college or university).
  • You are an internationally educated professional with education or work experience outside of Canada.
  • You’re seeking a more challenging and rewarding role that allows you to be involved in more complex marketing-related challenges, and to support management decision-making.
How REM® can help me?

REM®  Certificate holders stand out in the marketing profession with technical skills in marketing that are becoming increasingly a professional standard in Ontario and Canada. These standards are what many hiring managers and recruiters are seeking.

With CIMMO’s REM®  on your resumé, you could become the preferred choice for marketing related positions and you can leverage promotions throughout your career.