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Strengthening your professional career

From professional designation status to skills, knowledge, and mentorship, our goal is to help you by strengthening your career with credentials and continuing professional development.

CIMMO designations

The Certified Marketer CEM ®, and the Chartered Professional Marketer, CPM® designations, are meant to recognize your education and experience, as well as a steady commitment to your career as a professional marketer. Whereas the CEM® is an entry-level designation, the CPM® is the highest-level professional designation in marketing that you can be awarded in Canada. By joining the CIMMO community of certified marketers or chartered professional marketers, membership is a testament to your commitment to keeping up-to-date with marketing technology and skills and maintaining the highest standards of marketing knowledge and expertise.

CIMMO Continuing Education Program (CCEP)

The CIMMO Continuing Education Program (CCEP) can lead to achieving Certified Marketer (CEM®) or Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM®). To put you into perspective, here is why we believe that you should become engaged with CIMMO.

For most industries, professionals are required to keep their skills and knowledge current, and to continue to develop and confirm their competencies. By keeping your CCEP records current, marketing professionals demonstrate a level of commitment and capability to employers, clients, and the public.  It is vital to stay informed with the evolution of marketing at every stage of your career. CIMMO mandates that members be actively involved with the CCEP and keep CCEP records updated.

CIMMO’s CCEP program assists members in improving skills as a marketing professional by assessing skills against CIMMO’s benchmark of  Professional Marketing Competencies, thereby identifying skills gaps.

Mentoring programme

CIMMO offers a mentoring program to members where developing marketers are paired with those who are experienced in similar fields of marketing. Our task is to match needs with skills and competencies of a mentor. Success in the program depends on finding a balance of time between the mentee and mentor.

CIMMO mentoring allows mentees to search and contact mentors with the ability to provide support and career advice. In addition, it allows the mentee to expand her/his professional network.

Professional members can assist aspiring marketers by sharing field experience. It is up to mentors and mentees to work out schedules of available time. The mentorship program has been of great value for mentees and mentors alike.