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Building your Skills

In the era of technological disruption, marketing professionals are facing the daily challenge in finding the right tools to develop their skills and competencies, which turns out to be time-consuming and expensive. At CIMMO, we are working very hard to provide our members with a range of resources that help them to build and update their skills.

Networking events and webinars

It is very important for our members to keep in touch and share their knowledge and for this reason, we organize seminars that are broadcasted over the internet. As CIMMO has a global membership base, we created  the CIMMO webinars series (CWS). Hosted monthly by subject matter experts, their Professional Insights are shared with an online audience to keep our membership up-to-date on the different topics of modern marketing.

Marketing toolkits and practical guides

Thanks to a partnership with companies like demand metrics, you can have access to tools and materials that were designed to help you with your everyday marketing tasks by using our online marketing resources. You can also find a series of guides and frameworks to help you. From basic marketing drafts to marketing strategic plans, practical guides and templates can support you in solving your marketing problems.

Online Newsletter and Journal

To keep our membership up to date with the latest development with CIMMO and the marketing field, we share bimonthly updates through CIMMO digital newsletter. We also share with our members, third-party reports, newspapers, articles, company reports and publications from selected international credible sources.

CIMMO membership provides you, as a marketer, with tools and resources to help you improve and develop your skills in marketing.