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CIMMO marketing certification

Once the CPM designation has been earned, CPMs may choose to complete a specialization that demonstrates their competency in one of the field’s key functional areas: digital marketing, marketing analytics, marketing technologies, and marketing management.

Applicants will take online courses, as specified by the Digital Marketer Curriculum, Marketing Management Curriculum, Analytics Marketer Curriculum and Technologies Marketer Curriculum.  The curriculums are sets of modules, offered online.  Students must achieve a grade of 70% on each module, and they must complete the entire curriculum within one year.

For applicants with a CPM designation:

  1. Take online modules, as specified by the curriculum.
  2. Take the practice exam, available online to determine if your knowledge base requires any module retakes
  3. Complete the modules recommended by the exam results
  4. Submit the application form to CIMMO
  5. Take the specialization exam
  6. Recertify every 3 years with continuing education

Marketing Management Certification

This certification is recommended for CIMMO CPM® holders who aspire for an executive position in marketing. The aim of this certification is to improve Chartered Professional Marketers’ ability to make effective marketing decisions, including assessing marketing opportunities and developing marketing strategies and implementation plans. Topics such as strategic marketing planning, marketing research, and MarTech, are approached from management standpoint through a self-paced online course that combines interactive discussions, cases, practical examples, of consumer and business-to-business products, services, and non-profit organizations.

Digital Marketing Certification

Once you have the CPM® designation, and you have the desire to deepening your knowledge on Digital Marketing, this certification is for you. Through this certification, you will be prepared for digital marketing leadership roles through self-paced 14 weeks course that uses current blended learning technology that uses real business scenarios, allowing you to practice with digital marketing tools. Upon completion of this certificate, you will acquire the ability to draft digital marketing plans and have a better understanding of the client agency dynamics. Also, this certification brings you up-to-speed with the very latest digital strategies, enabling you to master digital channels, deliver on digital customer experience, and increase your employability advantage.


Marketing Analytics Certification

The Marketing profession is very much impacted by the age of Big Data. Marketing analytics are becoming very important for the decision-making process in marketing. If you hold CIMMO’s CPM® designation and you wish to dive into marketing analytics, this is the right certification for you. Enhance the quality of business decision making by helping organizations better understand customers and competitors. This fourteen-week, self-paced program will help you to build skills to capitalize on the unprecedented availability of customer data.

Marketing Technologies (MarTech) Certification

In the era of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), and the fourth industrial revolution, customers’ experience will not be the same. For this reason, marketers are challenged to develop an understanding of the forces driving competition, and demand in markets where technology-intensive products and services have earned significant market presence. As Chartered Professional Marketer CPM ®, you are invited to take this journey of discovery where you will be exposed to cutting-edge marketing technologies that are dramatically impacting the customer experience.


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