This summer, CIMMO is celebrating the 2019 Certified Marketer graduates. In a memorable graduation ceremony, including, Certified Marketers, parents, partners, members of CIMMO’s executive team and Board of Directors there to celebrate their respective achievements.

The celebrations began on June 9th with a ceremony highlighting the accomplishments of first-generation of CIMMO’s Certified Marketer students where the 15 graduates walked proudly across the stage at 2019th annual graduation held at the beautiful cottage of Humber College Lakeshore Campus.

CIMMO’s Chair, Dr. Paul Griffin, congratulated the graduates on their achievements indicating how much he and his CIMMO colleagues enjoy the graduation ceremony, he said: “It’s the day which provides the realization of all goals that you have been working hard for and that you achieved today.”

Dr. Paul Griffin urged the new designates to use the tools they have, such as critical thinking skills, for the betterment of the marketing profession. He said, “Make sure that all your professional practices are guided by CIMMO’s code of ethics, leading by example to transform the profession and the world… we live in critical days where the truth has been relative so find out information for yourself, seek the truth and check the facts rather than repeating them.”

The ceremony also featured a speech from MaryJo Tullo on behalf of her graduate cohort. MJ shared her personal success story as a recent graduate and a winner of a couple of DECA Marketing Competitions.

She said: “To all the graduates here today, congratulations! What you have achieved today is a distinction and a testament to your professional competency! To our family, friends and to the CIMMO family, thank you very much for your love, care, and support that led us to one more important day in our lives. Today is the kicking-off of a new journey; the journey of implementing our learning and contributions for a better world through marketing.”

The Certified Marketer designation (CEM®) is recommended for recently graduated or internationally trained marketing professionals that are entering the market, acting in different entry-level marketing roles, such as a contributing role in a major marketing department, or a sole marketing practitioner in a small business. Individuals in this level would have responsibilities such as supporting marketing initiatives, executing tasks passed down from management and operating at the tactical and transactional levels. They often have titles such as Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Associate.


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