TORONTO, Sept. 30th, 2020 – The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Preemptor AI. Preemptor is a Canadian cybersecurity company that uses AI for Identity Verification in academia, financial services, and telemedicine.

 This partnership aims to reinforce CIMMO’S commitment to ethical integrity in the marketing industry. Preemptor AI was founded by professor and entrepreneur, Midierson Maia, and it is being accelerated by the Spark Centre in Canada.

 “We believe that Preemptor can be an ally of CIMMO during the certification process, ensuring their tests comply with academic integrity policies”, says Midierson Maia, President, and CEO of Preemptor AI.

 COVID-19 has brought an existential threat to learning institutions, such as colleges, universities, and accreditation bodies. As these institutions have moved to the online remote delivery model, the number of academic dishonesty incidents involving cheating, plagiarism, and impersonation have increased exponentially since March 2020.

 “As an accreditation body, CIMMO is looking for modern tools to ensure integrity and ethical compliance”, says Youssef Youssef, President of CIMMO. By using Preemptor AI, test-takers and students can prove their academic originality through the Preemptor Originality Score and Preemptor Originality Seal. It is not only a way to avoid being caught during academic dishonesty attempts, but it is also a way to be certified twice. In the case of CIMMO, test-takers, when approved, will receive both the CIMMO certificate and Preemptor Originality when using Preemptor to do the tests. It is a way to demonstrate that the certified professionals respected CIMMO’s ethical guidelines.

 To be able to use Preemptor, test-takers need to validate their identity on Preemptor AI. The system was designed to recognize and validate the identity of test-takers or students using behavioral biometrics that helps you to identify yourself by using your typing cadence signature. This technology can measure the rhythm of a user during the writing process, ensuring that who is writing an assignment or test is the test-taker, preventing impersonation and ghostwriting.

 “For CIMMO, this partnership is not only a new way to prevent academic dishonesty and uphold CIMMO’s ethical standards, but it is also a way to combine ethics and technological innovation”, says Youssef Youssef, President of CIMMO.

To read more about CIMMO and Preemptor, please visit the websites:

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