BRAND>ed is a strategic brand digital marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing solutions as well as all aspects of online marketing and mobile. The following podcasts and articles will help you UNDERSTAND, DEVELOP and ACTIVATE your brand to success.

MarketingNow: Engaging Content

Join the conversation about marketing, new digital products, new digital services, social media marketing – anything in marketing in today’s world. Today’s topic is about creating relationships and extending them through social media.

The Art of Storytelling

Read this article to understand what we can learn from Bud Greenspan, a storyteller pioneer that understood how to capture an audience attention in a dramatic and meaningful way.

Storytelling – One Hotdog One Brand 

This article describes how you can create a story that gets noticed: starting with the brief and finding the simple moment of truth and clarity.

Flex Your Digital – “Don’t Lock It In”

When accessing and converting potential travellers to your airline, attraction, tour or hotel, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or Social Media Marketing. The most valuable tool you have in the battle for Google’s favour should be the ability to evolve – learn more about “Digital Promoflex” in today’s marketing environment.

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