BRAND>ed is a strategic brand digital marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing solutions as well as all aspects of online marketing and mobile. The following podcasts and articles will help you UNDERSTAND, DEVELOP and ACTIVATE your brand to success.

What’s Your Story Podcast: Dr. Youssef Ahmad Youssef, Ph.D. & President CIMMO

This episode is all about human connection and offering help to businesses during the pandemic. Dive into the conversation with Youssef on how it has affected small businesses more than big businesses.

What’s Your Story Podcast: Anna Tavares, Director of Strategy Vendasta

Join the insightful conversation with Anna as she outlines Vendasta’s goal of delivering the 3 main services to their customers during the pandemic. Anna also talks about the 3 steps business can take to survive this pandemic.

What’s Your Story Podcast: Monica Pasinato-Forchielli – President One Wellness Group 

Tune in as Monica tells us about her story and experience with the pandemic and how deeply her business has been affected by it. Being a wellness group that provides services such as Spa and Massage treatments, health care consultation etc. and has direct contact with customers, she had no choice but to shut down her business. From a marketing perspective, she explains how important it is to keep your business website and social media platforms active and keep your current and future clients updated with your business’s updates and COVID-19 guidelines. 

What’s Your Story Podcast: David Kincaid CEO, Level 5 Strategy 

Join David as he provides a new definition of a brand: The PROMISE you make in terms of the VALUE you want to present to your market and be CONSISTENT about providing that value.

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