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It’s a Digital Wasteland Out There 

As the digital channel continues to grow, we have seen an increasing amount of clutter similar to the traditional channels. More and more advertisers who once enjoyed using banner and web advertising to drive customers to online offers are now experiencing weaker results and ROI. Read about how understanding the digital user and how to access them has become more and more important in developing effective marketing strategies.


Take a look at the TNS Digital Life Interview on the same topic. 


Power your Brand  

Getting your point across is not only a quantitative exercise; it is more effective when the data is expressed as qualitative emotional insights using old-fashioned intuition that piques the attention of your audience. Read about how creating emotional connections with an audience is the key to getting real engagement, through the relational technique of storytelling.


What are the NTO, PMO, RTO, DMO, and DMF Roles in Tourism?

The Tourism industry in Ontario has seen some disruptive change over the past number of years with the formation of the Regional Tourism Organizations (RTO) structure. The adopted foundation was designed to support the Tourism Sector in Ontario through a regional approach, one that aimed to reduce the overlap of roles and responsibilities with the multiple Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), some that could sustain themselves while others who relied on Provincial marketing agency distributions. Read how one of the main issues that was identified and still exists today, is that the industry is constrained by a variety of interests and unclear responsibilities.

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